Will Weinraub

Hey there 👋

My name is Will. I’m the co-founder of 3 amazing kids and a few different ventures.

My main professional focus is being the CEO and co-founder of OnChain Studios, where we are building a digital toy and gaming platform called Cryptoys.

I also invest in startups as an angel investor and also via a VC Syndicate called Flamingo Capital that I run with my buddies Chris Adamo and Adam Garfield.

On top of that I co-founded The Local Leaders Collective, an organization that provides peer group support for entrepreneurs. I also co-host The Miami Tech Pod.

I also advise companies such as Usko, CryptoLeague, and others.

I’m pretty active on Twitter, so feel free to follow or DM me there if you want to get in touch.

and here’s my Instagram and LinkedIn if that’s more your vibe.


Companies I’ve invested in include QuickNode, Loupe, TempMee, Evaluate, Yuga Labs, Altered State Machine, Teal, Upstream, Harmony, Startupy, Zurp, Trend, Kiddo, Nue Life, Swoops, Genies, Floor and others. I also hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Ape, Polygon (MATIC), and various other cryptocurrencies.

Nothing I say should be considered financial advice. I’m learning as I go and just trying to be a little bit better each and every day. :)